our team

Mitch Medford (the big idea guy), John Wayland (electric drag racing legend), Allen Koester (master mechanic), Marko Mongillo (metal manipulator extraordinaire), and Jack Lapenta, (cutting-edge tech freak), Joe Mann (Captain Safety, Andrew Graham (Metal Melter) and Micahel Blieden (Video Senei)

Key Contributors - Kyle Harris (future marketing genius and stud-like T-shirt model).



Starting with 60's Mustangs and going from there to Camero, Cuda, TransAM,  Charger.  Hell, if it's bad, we'll do it!

Sorry NO Pontiac Azteces or AMC Pacers so don't even ask



Together =

zombie 222

Bring this green dream team together with American Muscle and massive electric power... you have the  Zombie 222

Crazy, insane electric motors and batteries, proven in the electric drag racing world.